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New Product Alert, Dealer 9000 Messenger

Dealer InsightsNick Maddren on 8th May, 2020

What Is Dealer 9000 Messenger?

What does a good salesperson do when they see a customer walk into the showroom/pitch? They approach the customer, ask what they are looking for and will try to sell a vehicle matching those requirements.

You can think of your dealer website as your online showroom, it will most likely have 100’s of visitors a day browsing your stock. The difference between them is your website will have more visitors but no salesperson. Imagine how many sales would be lost if your sales team didn’t approach customers, well this is what is happening on your website.

Messenger solves this problem, it reaches out to your website visitors based on their behaviour. Here are some scenarios Messenger A.I takes advantage of:

  • If a visitor views a vehicle, Messenger asks the user is they’d like to secure the vehicle with a deposit and makes the payment for you.
  • Detects when a visitor might be struggling to find a vehicle that matches their requirements. Messenger then asks the visitor what vehicle they are looking for and forwards the lead to you.
  • Welcomes visitors and lets them know they can ask any questions. Questions which Messenger can’t answer upfront will be forwarded directly to you with contact information.

If you like to start generating extra leads and taking deposits 24/7 give Messenger a try today.